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DW Huff Philosophy

DW Huff ConsultingTax, finance, and accounting can be a difficult part of life. High taxes, lost earning potential and other missteps can be costly. Good advice is scarce and most advisors can only offer limited tools and knowledge. Wall Street firms are limited and push investments that are approved and available to their firm. (Otherwise they cant get paid) Insurance agents have similar limitations and will find a way to sell from their approved product list. The saying. “to the man who only has a hammer, every problem looks like a nail” comes to mind. “Advisors” with limited options find creative ways to make solutions fit the problem instead of the other way around.

Solving this issue is why DW Huff Consulting exists. We can bring together all the pieces of your financial puzzle and competently advise on tax, investments, real estate, small business, trusts and more. We have experience in these areas since 1997 and are uniquely positioned to use the knowledge to help you avoid learning lessons the hard way.


Our mission is to build, grow and enjoy your wealth. We create peace of mind knowing that the return on the investment on your hard work wont be lost due to an ineffective plan.